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Paraguay – Illustration of irrigation by gravity performed at Salitre Cue farm (October 2016)

Below you can see that we started irrigation of the fields, in particular the section of the farm irrigated by gravity (first time under this method). Overall the system is worked well even if some details have to be adjusted.

salitre-3-irrigation salitre1

Uruguay – Winter crops development at Santa Maria farm (October 2016).

Below you will see our barley at Santa Maria which is currently in very good condition. For the 2016/2017 cycle,  288 hectares of barley were seeded with an expected yield of 3.5 tons per hectare.


img-20161020-wa0000 img-20161020-wa0001

Paraguay – Seeding of 1,800 hectares of rice as well as 220 hectares of soybean (September 2016)

Over 1,000 hectares of rice have already seeded and are in germination stage. Even if the weather is dry, young plants are developing very well as you can see. For future diversification purposes, we are also testing soybean cultivation over 220 hectares.







Argentina – Cattle operation at San Bartolo farm (September 2016).

We focussed exclusively on cattle operation at this farm (fattening in particular given the favourable dry climate of the region). Currently, we have around 1,000 mothers there and sell 700 steers as well as 200 cows not pregnant. Over the cycle, we will also replant 400 hectares of pasture and have previously subdivided the surface into smaller plots. This action will allow a better control of the forest growth and the increase of the animal stocking per hectare. Total heard: 2,430 heads.

 One of our biggest challenge there is the permanent control of the native forest typical for Salta region.


img-20161021-wa0000 img-20161021-wa0001 img-20161021-wa0002

Argentina – Operating activities at Curupi Pora farm – August 2016

CP cattle grazing Oat and Ryegrass (winter sowing). Total herd of the farm is around 4,800 heads.



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