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Argentina – Operating activities at Curupi Pora farm – August 2016

CP cattle grazing Oat and Ryegrass (winter sowing). Total herd of the farm is around 4,800 heads.



Uruguay – Operating activities at La Esperanza farm – August 2016

Given the frequency and amplitude of the Rio Negro floods next to our property, a feasibility study for the creation of a protection wall to be build in phase, was launched. Authorization process is in progress. Once the various phases will be completed, around 2,000 hectares will be protected and sustainable for crops or cattle activities.

Low lands to be protected for rice cultivation by the wall ; irrigation will came through a small existing reservoir, currently full of water as you can see.



Paraguay – Complete filling on 08/01/16 of the artificial water reservoir built at Salitre Cue farm

The artificial lake of 480 hectares we build to store water in case of an extended period of low water level of the river or dry period, is now filled with water as you can see.






URUGUAY – Local action support in Melo (La Esperanza farm area) – July 2016

Campos has a position of responsibility in areas that exceed the strictly economic and business activity and has a concern about the problems that exist in the local communities in which it operates .

To this aim, we decided to buy orthopaedic wheelchairs to 3 kids, of which 2 were victims of road accidents and a 6 year old girl that suffer from maturational and developmental delays from birth, that lead to enhanced very significantly their own quality of life so as for their families. The kids concerned are all from Melo zone nearby La Esperanza farm.

This action has been taken via a local non-profit organization called MADER and which will also make sure that another child may benefit from those equipments if it became no more useful or appropriate for their current beneficiaries.

Below you will find some pictures taken at the event organized by MADER association where the kids and their families received their equipments from Campos representatives, Mr Alfredo Nuñez and his wife Maria which was actively involved in this action.


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Paraguay – Termination on 06/14/2016 of the artificial water reservoir built at Salitre Cue farm

We build a artificial lake of 480 hectares, dedicated to store water in case of an extended period of low water level of the river or dry period. The construction has been delayed after being interrupted several times by heavy rainfalls that the region has suffered from.


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We start filling it with water in order to be operational for 2016/17 cycle, especially given the high probability La Nina phenomenon to emerge over the next months. To do so, 657 000 m3 of water need to be pumped from the river





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