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Paraguay – Rice field as of January 2016

We sowed successfully all the forecasted surface and our rice is developing very well for now as you can see on the pictures. We are going to start the harvest of our 1st rice plots during the 1st week of February.

Salitre1 Salitre2 Salitre3 Salitre4

Argentina – Flooding of several rivers in South America due to “El Niño”

The Uruguay, Paraguay and Paraná Rivers began to overflow in late December 2015 after a period of unusually heavy rain, blamed on El Niño. Since then over 120,000 people have been forced from their homes. The current flood in South America involves three major rivers and their tributaries, running through 4 different countries (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay).

One of those is the El Dorado river which is connected upstream to our farm San Bartolo located in Salta province.

None of our staff member or livestock have been affected but you can see the current flood situation on one of our plots dedicated to natural pasture.




Paraguay – Illustration of work progress as of October

Bellow you will find a weblink showing you work progress made in our rice operation in Paraguay.

Salitre Cue October 15

For our 1st campaign, 1,326 hectares are going to be sowed and should deliver an expected production of 9,950 tons of rice. 1,872 additional hectares of rice cultivation could be added next campaign.

For now, 300 hectares are in seeding progress and rice shoots are developing so far very well.


Paraguay – Review August 2015


Uruguay – sale of La Floresta Farm in July 2015

Purchased in February 2007, this 6.261-hectares farm has being transformed from 100% cattle production to a mix of 43% crops and 57% cattle. We had also a extensive dairy factility.

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