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Paraguay – Termination on 06/14/2016 of the artificial water reservoir built at Salitre Cue farm

We build a artificial lake of 480 hectares, dedicated to store water in case of an extended period of low water level of the river or dry period. The construction has been delayed after being interrupted several times by heavy rainfalls that the region has suffered from.


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We start filling it with water in order to be operational for 2016/17 cycle, especially given the high probability La Nina phenomenon to emerge over the next months. To do so, 657 000 m3 of water need to be pumped from the river





Argentina – Renovation program of some infrastructure facilities performed at Curupi Pora farm (April 2016)

We decided to renovate some aging infrastructure facilities at the farm to improve efficiency and control.

Below you will see our new cattle weighing platform with a capacity of 3 000 kg located in our corral just beside our feedlot. This new facility will improve the individual record and control of weight gains for each category of cattle.



We decided to renovate the aging corral already in place when we purchased the farm in 2008, and which has become obsolete. This extensive refurbishment will improve services provided to our cattle (heard selection and classification by category, veterinary service and transfer of livestock).

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Finally, we are in progress to renovate an old building left abandoned from an eternity by reusing as much as possible raw material available at farm in order to increase staff presence and control  in good living condition





Paraguay – Delivery of our 1st truck of rice to one of our clients on 04/06/2016.

IMG_2072 IMG_2073

Paraguay – Renovation of the school of Arequita, next to Salitre Cue farm (March 2016)

As part of our engagement in the development of the local communities nearby our operations and values shared, we decided to renovate the school of the village of Arequita which is near Salitre Cue farm. We wanted to create a healthy environment for 9 children and their teacher attempting the school, and promote favourable work conditions for them.

escuela salitre

escuela salitre 2


Paraguay – Rice harvest & storage (March 2016)

6,000 tons of rice have been harvested, dryed and stored in our silos.

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