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Argentina – Update on Curupi Pora farm activities (October 2017).

Situation/weather: After registering a very wet cycle 2016/2017 (+20% rainfall in comparison with the historical average for the period July-June of 1,440 mm) with peaks and some flooding periods, the weather seems to normalized for now.

Cp 1

Cattle operation: Pastures affected by heavy rainfalls are recovering, we are soon going to sow 125 hectares with natural pastures to increase pasture-fed cattle. During the cycle, additional natural pastures are going to be sowed and also completed with AOT as well as with ray-grass.


Those sowing operations are made in order to enhance herbaceous vegetation to increase ultimately pasture-fed cattle.

Cp 3

As an extension of the Program, we cleaned yatay palm trees on plot 12 over 60 hectares (see localization map below).

Cp 4

Cp 5

Cp 6

Finally, 130 heads of cattle have been transferred to San Bartolo farm in Salta to be at work there, and we operate on 4,700 heads of cattle at Curupi Pora farm.

Cp 7

Water tank: After being delayed due to climate vagaries, the construction of the Australian water tank (400,000 liters of capacity) has re-started.

Cp 8

Cp 9

Argentina – Local news from Corrientes Province (October 2017).

Mr Gustavo Valdés, candidate from the Cambiemos alliance (pro Macri coalition) won the Corrientes Province’s gubernatorial elections which took place on October 9, 2017. The Macri administration is trying to capitalize the victory, ahead of 22 October, considered a definitive date for investors waiting to ensure they can look ahead to a business friendly congress.

Another good news is the construction of a new port in Corrientes city. This will be the first port constructed in 20 years !

“Article from El Cronista dated 9/22/17″

Paraguay – Irrigation of the 1st plots sowed begun at Salitre Cue farm (October 2017).

We have begun to irrigate the 1st plots sowed in September to allow an optimal development and growthof the seeds.

Paragua irri 1

Paragua irri 2

To that end, water is pumped in from the river Tebicuary by the main station and redistributed to the master channel as you can see on the picture below. Secondary channels are then supplied with water to each individual plots.

paraguay 3

Meanwhile, we continue to sow other fields. As of today, 845 hectares have been sowed with rice.

paraguay 4

Paraguay – School Olympic games: sponsoring of the students team of General Artigas town, next to Salitre Cue farm (September 2017).

We decided to sponsor 31 students of the National College of Republica Oriental de Uruguay of General Artigas town by providing them customized t-shirts for the school Olympic games.

Artigas 1

artigas 2

We are proud to support actions for healthy kids, especially school Olympics given all underlying values promoted (effort, sharing, authenticity, humility) which can help young people find themselves.

Artigas 3

Paraguay – Rice sowing at Salitre Cue farm (September 2017).

We are please to inform you that we started to sow our first plots with rice on 09/05/17. 240 hectares are already well under way as you can see.

paraguay 1paraguay 2

We have currently optimal sowing conditions and hope they will remain unchanged.

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