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Prize won at Santa Maria and at La Floresta

We won The Braford Champion Lot 2012 in Melilla during the Steer Competition that organizes The Rural Associationof Uruguay (Asociación Rural del Uruguay, ARU) every year. The winner steers have 2 teeth, are 20 months old their average weight is 636 Kg.

Our second award was The Braford Reserve Champion Lot. The steers were 2 years old and their average weight was 650 Kg.

Ramiro Gerona (Cattle Consignee), Gustavo Listello (Production Manager of Campos Orientales),  Armando Tressens (Sales and Purchasing Manager of Campos Orientales) y Juan Ignacio Gerona (Cattle Consignee) show us the awards.


Prize for Campos Orientales

We won the «Braford Champion Batch» 2011 during the traditional «Steer Contest» that took place in the Florida’s Rural Society organised by the Rural Association of Uruguay (Asociación Rural del Uruguay, ARU). The Champion Batch (second picture) belongs to the 2-years category and the average weight was 640Kg. We also won the «Reserved Braford Champion Batch» also of the 2-years category; they were from other batch where the average weight was 582Kg.

José Bonica, ARU’s President, presents the «Braford Champion Batch» prize to Conrado Cimino (Campos Orientales’ CEO).

The achievement of such a prestigiuos prize is very important for us because one of our main goals is to produce high-quality beef for Uruguay and the World.

The picture shows the place where heifers have the best quality of beef .


Fedegan visits Campos Orientales S.A.

On October 9th we received 200 Colombian producers from Fedegan in Santa María farm.

We’ve had the honor of being elected to learn how an efficient full cycle cattle system worked in Uruguay.

The Colombian government considers farming as one of the main business in the country.

This tour was made as a learning experience for the Colombian cattle transformation.